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Name:Flynn Marcus Hunter
Birthdate:Nov 20
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York
Stripper | Escort | Call Boy Extraordinnaire | Cancer Survivor

Flynn was born in Los Angeles, California to 16 year old Christina Susan Hunter. She fell pregnant with Flynn after having drunken sex with her prom date under the grand stand of the school's football field. Her mother had been against abortion and wouldn't allow Christina to terminate the pregnancy. Flynn has never met his father and wouldn't know the bloke if he walked up and spat on him. When Flynn was born, he was raised by his mother and grandparents while Christina worked at the local supermarket to save up for college tuition. The pregnancy meant her teenage years were erased, but she worked hard and graduated from college with a degree in nursing to become a midwife when Flynn was seven years old. They moved to New York when she got a job in a hospital there, and Flynn has been a New York resident ever since.

Because of her age when he was born, Flynn and his mother always had a close relationship, though they were more like friends than mother and son. This meant Christina never really had an authorative hold on her son once she moved away from the aid of her parents and because of this, he grew up being quite a colourful and free-spirited character. As he got older, he became more and more curious about the world, which eventually turned into sheer promiscuity. No doubt this was a large factor to his career choice as both a male stripper and a high profile male escort. He is, effectively, an upper class call boy. His clientele are only - and will only - ever be rich and high profile people looking for no-strings dates to expensive and often very public events or discreet hook-ups. He also has a few married and closeted businessmen who want to fuck a guy without it being public knowledge. He is well-known for his services among the affluent circles that are high-powered New York men and women and his schedule is full to the brim. His stripping mostly encompasses bachelorette parties of poor little rich girls with more money than sense... not that he is complaining about it.

Bisexual to the core, Flynn figures why not have the best of both worlds? He dates both sexes with ease (and often both simultaneously) and just about anything goes. You name it and he has likely tried it, though he will draw the line at too heavy kink, which he just sees as too much work to get off. He hasn't had a serious long term relationship in years and figures if it's meant to be, he or she will fall into his lap when he least expects it. Because of this, he never expects it and happily goes on his merry way in the world of casual - and paid - sex.

Despite his promiscuous career, Flynn very much keeps his private life separate from his work. He sticks with his bunch of close knit friends, including one of his nearest and dearest, closest friends, Kate Bryant. They have been inseparable since they met in their early twenties at a rave party in an abandoned warehouse. They're each other's rocks in the tough times, worst of which came a few years ago when Flynn was diagnosed with Leukaemia. He fought the disease aggressively, suffering through months of chemotherapy which saw him lose his hair and almost his life. Kate never left his side, keeping his spirits high where she could with his much-loved porn and comedy films. He eventually went into remission, but the whole ordeal left him deciding that life was too short and he was going to live it large, hard and fast, to fuck what anyone thought of his choices. It was after this that Flynn went from bartending to escort and stripping work, deciding to mix his pleasured vice of sex with career - the perfect route, in his eyes. He hasn't looked back since.

Flynn exists for the PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork. You can contact him or his mun via THIS POST.

This is an roleplay journal for character Flynn Marcus Hunter, an original character with no fandom affiliatio. All rights and written entries by [personal profile] strips4u are original work and owned by his creator. No profit is being made from the activities in this journal. Journal and character are for roleplay and enjoyment purposes only. Flynn is portrayed by actor Gale Harold and is in no way affiliated to Gale Harold.

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